Escape Zone Skatepark


Located at 8609 Navarre Parkway, this skatepark is beloved by the locals but also welcomes visitors who can’t resist getting their skate on in paradise. Memberships are available for day passes or for those who visit regularly, so you can enjoy the street court, mini ramp, vert ramp and full shop on site. Pads are required for all skaters, and rentals are available at the shop. Depending on availability, lessons may also be an option, whether you’re brand new to the sport or simply want to up your skills.

Skaters love the incredible ramps, with new ones added regularly. You can plan a special party here and reserve the park, or simply swing by to get in some tricks and practice. With 150 feet of ramps, the park is just minutes from your Navarre Beach guest room. Contests pop up year-round, and there are free in-line lessons in addition to personal coaching. Don’t miss out on the all-night skate camps, the perfect way to take in the tropical skyline full of stars.

Size Matters

The skatepark is constantly expanding, from the new 6 x 32 half-pipe with bowl and mini ramps attached to additional concrete to optimize the street course. Every trip to the park, you’ll discover something new. Plus, the shop is also growing, so you can access the best gear imaginable.

At the snack bar, power up with pizza, chips, Hot pockets, hot dogs, New Orleans Sno-balls and more. Non-member admission is just $7 or $25 if you prefer a yearly membership. Members get half price on Thursdays, and rollerbladers are also welcome. Experience Navarre Beach in a brand new way!