Fish Navarre Beach

FishingWho doesn’t love to go fishing while they are on the coast? It just seems like part of a beach vacation just like sand in your luggage. With several options to choose from, we have some great opportunities for you to bring in the big catch of the day.

Of course the Navarre Pier tops the list as it is the longest pier in the Gulf at 1,545 feet long and 30 feet above the water. This fishing hot spot is known to bring in the fish. If you don’t have your own fishing pole, stop in the bait and tackle shop and rent one for the day. At only $7 for adults ($6 for seniors and military) and $4 for kids, you get a steal of a deal with all the time you need to land the big one. Just along for the ride? Grab a seat and enjoy the ocean breeze and the beautiful view.

There is always the option of a chartered fishing tour. Since Northern Florida is known for its fishing, finding a charter shouldn’t be a problem. Ranging from half day to overnight charters, you can choose which charter works best for you and your crew. F

If you aren’t too big on the bigger boats try your hand at kayak fishing. Kayak fishing provides you with many benefits you don’t normally get from the larger charter fishing trips. offers some great tips and kayak rentals. If you are a newbie, fret not. They will be happy to get you started on this new adventure.