Navarre Beach Marine Park


Also known as “Florida’s Playground,” Marine Park is often the first destination for visitors of Navarre Beach. The new marine park combines education with excitement so titillating you can just dive right in—literally! It’s also the connecting point between the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound with activities below and above sea level.

At the Marine Science Center, you’ll get your geek on at one of the top ten National Seashores in the world. Learn more about watersheds and marine life. There are thousands of students that flock to the area for an immersive experience, but you don’t have to be studying for a marine biology degree to have a blast. With touch tanks and dolphin interactions, it’s a unique way to immerse yourself in the local community.

A Park Like No Other

The Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center is where you can explore with Gigi, the mascot loggerhead sea turtle on duty. At the Shanna Litterst Education Center, Pumpkin, a Diamondback Terrapin, takes the lead. Meet sea horses, and tackle the magnetic puzzle wall.

When you reach the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary and Artificial Reefs, you’ll get to discover near-shore reef activities up close. Perfect for both diving and snorkeling, there are two reefs you’ll encounter. The Marine Park is open to all at no charge from dawn ‘til dusk every day. Head to the crossroads of Gulf Boulevard and Causeway Road to start your adventure.