Sand Dollar Saturday and Local Marketplace

On Sand Dollar Saturday and Local Marketplace, held on March 5 from 9am to 2pm, the monthly festivities kick off at Sand Dollar Plaza—the local outdoor marketplace. Get great deals on local crafts and goodies, sample gourmet fare, and even register for a door prize. The market is where locals and travelers come together to discover the artistry of the region. It’s also a prime spot to pick up souvenirs.


“Shop, smile, sip” is the motto of this gathering spot, and there’s always plenty of area wines and craft beers to enjoy. Talk with the vendors and discover how each of their crafts is influenced by their surroundings. Spend the lunch hour at the market, going from spot to spot nibbling on a variety of cuisines. Live entertainment is also on hand.

To Market!

Many folks prefer to cycle to the market to make the most of the quick commute and gorgeous scenery. There are bike rental shops around Navarre, but strolling or driving (preferably in a convertible) is also a great way to experience this outdoor event.

Bring the whole family for a day of discovery, bites, and of course selecting the ultimate keepsake from your time in paradise.