Top 25 Beaches in the United States

Travelers choiceA vacation to Navarre Beach has become a popular choice. Consisting of eight miles of undeveloped beaches, Navarre Beach is one of the up-and-coming beaches of Florida. Among nine other beaches in the United States, Navarre Beach is considered a National Seashore and remains federally protected leaving the white pristine sand dunes untouched,  maintaining the beach’s beauty for all to enjoy.

Every year, Navarre Beach is considered one of the best beaches due to its majestic and beautiful views. This year we are proud to say that TripAdvisor has ranked our very own Navarre Beach as one of America’s top 25 beaches to visit. With over 150 million voters, the public has spoken and Navarre Beach has risen to the top.

We attribute the popularity of our area to not only the beautiful beaches but to the community, the fishing and the tranquil environment. The surrounding community has a small friendly feel where the locals are happy to share a drink or game of beach volleyball with the newcomers. The warm Gulf waters attract numerous fish which makes Navarre Beach a hot spot for anglers as well. After a visit, you will feel like Navarre Beach is your own personal beach and will be hooked for life. Many visitors come back time and time again to enjoy the tranquil sparkling waters, gorgeous beaches and friendly atmosphere.

Don’t believe us, try it for yourself.  Come give us a visit and see why so many love Navarre Beach! If we haven’t given you enough incentive to visit, be sure to check out our special rates and packages. We hope to see you soon!